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Stigler First Assembly is a place that is committed to Loving God and it's through our love for him, that we strive to LOVE PEOPLE. 


7 foundational facts regarding Altars Alter Everything.

- An altar is an elevated place of sacrifice where Divine and human intersect.
- An altar is where our transcendent God becomes immanent.
- Altars don’t just happen. You have to intentionally build an altar.
- Altars can be built anywhere.
- Alter means to change or adjust.
- Altering is done by God, Altar building is done by us.
- Everything = nothing excluded.
Trust Altars are critical because:
Time has a way of causing us to doubt what we heard God say.
Time has a way of eroding passion for God’s promises.
Time can lull us into sleepy patterns of life that aren’t moving God’s purposes forward.
There has never been a time to build or return to the altar.
Each Sunday morning we will be discussing various stories within scipture that demonstrate the power of building an altar.

Sunday Series...

To be blessed, is to recover your true identity and calling. To be broken, is to be opened up to the grace of God. To be given, is to discover your mission for the life of the world. Join us Sunday morning for this challanging series. 

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