Stigler First Assembly had its beginning in 1938, when Rev Rainwater began conducting services in people's homes. They acquired a building on Main Street presently Total Quick Trip and held services, but they were unable to keep this property and on August 30, 1941 the present property was purchased.


From that point Stigler First excelled as a church that had a heart for their community and would always be willing to do whatever it took to reach the people of Haskell County. 


It was during May of 1970 that Stigler First elected Pastor Leo and Edith Guthrie as their senior pastors and it was at that point with just a few people these wonderful pastors would take Stigler First to new levels of reaching and loving people.


It was October of 2013 that Pastor Guthrie went home to be with the Lord that he served for so many years. Pastor Leo served the Stigler community for 42 years and left a lasting impact on its people. His helpmate Sister Edith continues to serve the church and community to this day.







Pastor Leo & Edith Guthrie